shoutout for my AWESOME Angel Marco friend ponpox <3


AAWH CHUCKS if it isn’t my cutie Eren!! You’re way too kind bubby!! U/////U <3

I drew Mink with a beard today. This dude got the idea and I totally ripped it off.

So I was browsing Ebay for a nice megaphone I could use for an Akushima cosplay but like 70% of the results had something to do with cheerleading…. I made this connection and I’m not sorry for it.

So I heard this piece of trash has his birthday today??? I’ll draw him with a smile then. Also, when I draw him with his hair out, he always looks kinda like a barbie??

Precious dorks

Piece of Shit Tori strikes again.

Heavily inspired by this

To me, Tori will always be a sassy female, even though in canon it’s the complete opposite….

Been on a date with my bae

ponpox: Dude, beast Mink is such an amazing idea oh gosh


yeh but Shiroba in few mins would be like

Yeah he better be smart enough to put the big ol’ beast in some of those chains. They seem to be rather effective.

If Shiroba uses his brain he should be fine

Wow so lately I’ve gotten a whole bunch of new followers and I don’t know where you all came from but I’m very happy to see all of you. Please make yourself at home, grab anything from my fridge -I should have some cheese and milk and stuff in there- and please don’t hesitate to message me if you want to chat or ask anything. Alright, good day to you all! <3

Chaps are extremely important.