Practice I guess? I have done this for several years now. Also the fact that I don’t shave them off completely helps alot too!

lupisashes said: Amen. (and honestly in awe of your eyebrows how are they working out for you?)

Oh I really like my eyebrows the way they are now. I used to shave them off completely when I was younger to draw them on. I later realised how much more convenient it was to save some of the eyebrows to help me see where to start drawing them on. And now I just kind of rock these small dot eyebrow thingies. It’s very convenient because I can choose to draw them in or just have them like they are. 

I am really tired but I don’t have to go to school tomorrow so I’ll be able to sleep in. Goodnight everyone! I’ll hear from you later! <3

Dressing Dandy in stupid over the top outfits is one of my favorite passtimes.

Babe came up with the best slogan for Mink yesterday and I just felt it’d be the perfect text to have on a muscle shirt for workout so here it is!

wizardsgirl25 replied to your post:You know, sometimes I just feel like While…

Then you better fucking feel awesome because you are adorable, you little shit

Oh gosh I don’t know about that I just feel okay really ./////. Thanks a bunch though, that is so nice of you <3 U//U

You know, sometimes I just feel like

While other times I feel like

and sometimes it’s just

As long as I feel cute I’m okay

They met when they were young and have been unseparable ever since.A faun and a seal mermaid/selkie <3

I love these two. Their relationship is so special.