Hey guys! I’m having a Great time up here with my family! We will go home in two days and this weekend me and my girlfriend will go to Närcon. I look forward to it so much!

I hope you’re all having a good time. Hopefully I will be able to update this blog with more art and later some Cosplay pictures from the con when I get home from all my shenanigans! Hugs and kisses


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Hi guys! I won’t be able to post any new art or such in about two weeks time starting tomorrow (sunday) since I will be on vacation in my family’s cottage up north. This means I will only be able to check tumblr through mobile with a really slow internet connection. In case anyone throws me a message or anything. I won’t be able to answer it until I get home. Also there is a convention the same weekend we get home so I will be gone for a bit longer as well. Just wanted to let you all know!

See you when I get home! Bye for now! <3

Look at these cuddly dorks… Being young and stupid and loveable. I don’t know I just like drawing Young!Bunny..


Nishigays :D

Abe cosplayer: Ponpox

Mihashi cosplayer: Novemberparfait


YEah hey dude

We watched HTTYD 2 tonight and can I just say… I love it. The movie itself, as in the action and main villian-plot and stuff was okay, but the most interesting part was definitely the social interaction and dialouge amongst the characters. The dialouges, body language and different characteristics for different characters were so interesting and enjoyable to watch. It was very nice to see in an animated movie and oh god just watch this movie, I think I actually like it even better than the first movie. Dreamworks, you rock my world…

Also, a comment from Gobber got me wondering but I didn’t want to jump to conclusions so I looked it up when I came home and to my surprise, my suspicions were true… Which makes this even better. I love this movie and I love Dreamworks. My rant is done, goodnight everyone!

Yeah btw I drew a digital portrait of Cumberbatch like forever ago. It’s sorta sloppy and I kinda gave up but I’m proud of it since it’s my first try at a digital portrait ;v; I used a reference and it was kinda small. Here it is:

Someone gave me the idea of drawing Bunnymund as a young teenager Bun. I really wanted to give it a shot and oh gosh he looks so cute ;w; I could do this again. He’s off into the woods to look for exciting new things to discover. Hope his whole clan wont be dead when he’s back hahHAHAHAhah aha ha


Another one~